Advanced Recovery Systems’ national Commercial Recovery Program specializes in Business to Business collections and large claims.ARS offers a practical approach to commercial recoveries combined with the latest in receivables management technology. Our objective is to keep it as simple as possible for you to work with us, while providing one important service to you: Results.

More than two decades of providing Commercial Recoveries have allowed us to perfect our craft. We cater to the specific needs of our clientele, as well as those of their accounts we call upon.

ARS provides the highest recovery rates to our clients in the industry, no matter the type of commercial claim placed with us. We learn your specific goals so that we can meet them.  Our fees are reasonable and competitive, and if we do not recover, there is no charge to you.

At ARS, we will ask you what you need, and when you tell us, we will do it for you. The time and effort it takes you to manage your delinquencies is already too high. We exist to simplify and ease your burden.

In addition to results, you expect service. Customized and on-time reporting, immediate access to our personnel and your accounts’ status, and a constant open line of communication are standard services offered by Advanced Recovery Systems.

ARS Commercial Pre-Legal Program

In addition to our Commercial Recovery Program above, ARSoffers a Pre-Legal Program created to address those accounts you are about to litigate.ARS ’ Pre-Legal program offers a solution to the recovery of those accounts before you must litigate. Contact us for details.

All of our Commercial Collection Services Include:

  • Dedicated Collectors Assigned to your files
  • Commercial Code Training and Expertise
  • 100 % Compliance with all Federal and Local statutes.
  • Customized Collection Letters
  • Customized Individual Status Reports
  • Customized Recovery Analysis Reports
  • On Line Skip tracing and locate services
  • On Line Access to our collection system.
  • Remittance Statements on your timetable
  • Person to Person Meetings on demand
  • Receivables Outsourcing
  • Competitive Contingency Rates

Contact Advanced Recovery Systems and tell us what you want us to do. We will.